KeytoIdentity Foundation

Working towards secure, decentralized and interpersonal identity verification


We are a small not-for-profit foundation registered in the Netherlands. We advocate for individual independence in digital identity management and develop tools to enable the verification of those identities.

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What we do

The foundation exists to:

We are currently working on Keyoxide, a tool to interact with Decentralized OpenPGP Identity Proofs.

Why we do this

Back in the early 2010's, I became fascinated by the "Login with your COMPANY X account" buttons scattered all over the internet. A single company providing a concept of identity, protecting it and increasing its value over time.

What could go wrong?

Following the many detailed reports on the data-greedy nature of companies like Google and Facebook and their impact on society and our lives, I started exploring novel ways to safeguard digital identity of the online citizenry while respecting privacy and user sovereignty.

This ambition resulted in the launch of Keyoxide and the founding of the Key to Identity Foundation.

Read about our motivations in our manifesto.

The foundation

Yarmo Mackenbach

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